Morning Security Brief: Arizona Prisons, Human Error, Base Security, And More

An audit of Arizona prisons shows chronic problems. LulzSec claims to have shut down. Base stickers scrapped to increase security. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Cartel Collaboration, Secure Communities, Border Security, and More

Mexican cartels sharing information and expertise with U.S. gangs. Federal authorities revamp Secure Communities initiative. National Guard tours on border extended. And more.

VIP Protection: Keeping Security Out of the Limelight

As the BP oil spill demonstrated, private security should never become part of the story. In January's online exclusive, security professional David L. Johnson outlines how executive protection agents can manage the press so each can go about their craft without confrontation.

Inmates Use Smuggled Mobile Devices to Make Their Voices Heard

The ability of U.S. prisoners to get their hands on powerful, Web-connected smartphones has U.S. prisons worried and seeking ways to keep the devices out of inmates' hands or render them inoperable.

VIP Protection: Why Guards Have to Be Media Savvy

Learning how to navigate the frenzied waters of today's press corps is a critical part of executive protection today.

Contractors Sign Private Security Contractor Code of Conduct

A voluntary international code of conduct for private security companies is an initiative to improve oversight and accountability to an industry marred by allegations of human rights abuses.

VIEWPOINT: The Free-Market Solution to America's Policing Crisis

The Great Recession has led some cities to experiment with civilian police employees and privatized police for lower-level policing tasks, but only one embraces the efficiency of the free market.

Study: Florida Armed Security Officers Need More Demanding Firearm Training

A study looking over 8 years of security officer gun discharges finds approximately 50 percent were accidental or irresponsible.

Online Review: Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance

An overview of the most important and useful skill performed by a protective services agent.

Stun-gun Use Again Under Scrutiny in U.S. and England

The use of stun guns is again a hot topic after three high-profile incidents in the past week, one involving the nephew of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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