IG: Pentagon Did Not Properly Account for Weapons Tranfers

A new report from the Defense Department's inspector general criticizes the agency for not only losing track of surplus weapons provided to friendly foreign governments, but also sending weapons to governments not authorized to receive them.

DHS Inspector General Criticizes TSA Controls of Screener Badges, Uniforms, and ID Cards

The Inspector General's report said the TSA had to improve its controls over its security officers' badges, uniforms, and ID cards before a security breach occurred.

2009 Homeland Security Appropriations Breakdown

A rundown of highlights from the $40 billion homeland security appropriations recently signed into law by President Bush.

U.S. Lacks Comprehensive Cybersecurity Warning Capability, Report Says

The Government Accountability Office says that US-CERT lacks a comprehensive capability to create "warnings that are consistently actionable and timely."

Leaked GAO Report Criticizes ASP Radiation Detection Machines

The GAO reports that DHS' next-generation radiation machines may cost $3.8 billion over a decade to implement, 81 percent higher than what was originally quoted.

Government Report Finds Fault with Chemical Safety Board

The CSB is investigating far fewer accidents than is required by law, constituting an "investigative gap," according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.

TSA on Track with Canine Explosive Detection Teams

If TSA continues to meet its goals, the GAO says 720 canine explosive detection teams should be patrolling airports and mass transit systems in 2009.

States are Preparing for Medical Surge, Says GAO

States are bolstering their medical surge capacity to handle mass casualty events, but many face difficulties drawing up altered medical care plans that may decide who lives and who dies.

Report: DoD's Oversight of Contractor Security is Weak

Congress's watchdog finds that the Defense Security Service has failed to catalogue agency contractors, doesn't track classified data violations, and is slow to inform contracting agencies when violations occur.

DHS Fails to Prioritize Its Own IT Assets for Protection

DHS's inspector general calls for establishment of a new office to set priorities for protection of the agency's critical IT assets.

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