Morning Security Brief: U.S. Airstrikes on ISIS, 'Critical' Flaw, and GAO Reports on Privacy and Security

The United States launched airstrikes against ISIS in Syria on Tuesday and also targeted another terrorist organization in the region. Penetration testing has determined that contains a "critical" security vulnerability, and other findings from an Inspector General report. And, the U.S. Government Accountability Office released several reports on Monday related to safety and security.

Morning Security Brief: Overseas Embassy Security Concerns, Supply Chain Risk Down, FAA Software Glitch, And More

The State Department's security branch needs to change its practices to improve embassy security, according to a new report. The global supply chain risk is down, but businesses must remain vigilant. The LAX air traffic meltdown last week was caused by a computer glitch. And new iPhones are vulnerable to hacking.

Morning Security Brief: Navy Yard Shooter Had Pattern of Misconduct, ACLU Releases Report on FBI Abuse of Power, And More

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis acted alone and has a record of abusing firearms, the ACLU has released a report on the FBI's abuse of power after 9-11, and Colorado's oil and gas infrastructure has been damaged by the region's floods.

Morning Security Brief: U.S. Border Patrol Improves Training, Syrian Hackers Attack NYT, and More

The GAO reports that the CBP has improved officer training and management. The New York Times and Twitter were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Plus India captures key terrorist.

Morning Security Brief: Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Spillover Violence, and Human Trafficking

A university erred in failing to release reports of sexual assaults on campus. A GAO report attempts to measure spillover violence from the southwest border. And efforts to curb human trafficking are underway.

Morning Security Brief: Criminal Background Screening, Physical Security Standards, Domestic Violence Policy, and More

The government urges federal contractors to use criminal background screening sparingly. The GAO says that physical security at government facilities could be improved. And all government agencies must develop policies to deal with domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the workplace.

White House Issues Executive Order on Cybersecurity

President Barack Obama has issued a much-anticipated Executive Order on cybersecurity.

Morale Problems Persist at DHS

The GAO reports average employee morale at DHS is still lower than the average morale of the federal workforce.

Report Urges Government Involvement in Privacy Protection

The federal government should play a larger role in protecting consumer privacy, according to a recent report issued by the GAO. The report deals specifically with location data, which is collected from smartphone users by companies offering location-based services.

Morning Security Brief: Copyright Reform, Fake Photos, and Counterfeit Driver's Licenses

An Australian study advocates copyright reform, new software can determine whether a photo is fake, and a government report finds that counterfeit documents remain the weak link in fraudulent driver's licenses.

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