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House Votes to Give More Power to FDA to Protect Food Supply

The recent rash of tainted spinach, peanuts, and hot peppers led the House of Representatives yesterday to pass the first modernization of the U.S. food safety system in decades.

Bruce Schneier: Don't Worry About Food-based Terrorism

Did the swine flu get you worried about bioterrorism? If so, security expert Bruce Schneier says the threat is minuscule.

Bill Would Give DHS Control of Foot-and-Mouth Research

House and Senate conferees have put language in the proposed farm bill that would give DHS authority to move research of foot-and-mouth disease into the continental United States.

USDA Working Hard to Prevent Agroterrorism, Secretary Says

"More than ever, we have to assure Americans that their food is safe," Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer told agricultural security stakeholders attending the Third International Symposium on Agroterrorism.

Better Biosecurity Could Minimize Bird Flu Outbreak

Two experts described the socioeconomic and cultural conditions that create poor biosecurity practices in the developing world.

FBI: Agroterror Could Devastate Broader U.S. Economy

A top U.S. intelligence analyst says that a successful attack on U.S. agriculture could have a ripple effect through both the U.S. economy and foreign trade.

Foot and Mouth Disease Research Could Move to Continental U.S.

The Bush Administration wants to move research into the disease from an isolated island off the coast of Long Island, New York, to the continental United States, sparking fears an accident could release the disease into nearby livestock herds and decimate them.

Foodborne Illnesses' Decline Continues to Stall in 2007

Rate of Salmonella infections miss national health targets by the widest margin of any other foodborne illness tracked by the CDC.

FDA Leafy Greens Inspection Lax, Lawmakers Find

Congressional Democrats find that the FDA failed to meet its own standards for inspection of facilities that process leafy greens, and when it did find violations, the agency took no "meaningful" enforcement action.

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