Morning Security Brief: NSA Won’t Read Your E-mail, Border Security Savings, Emergency Communication, and More

NSA head says it won’t read your e-mail. Interior border stations to close. POTUS signs Executive Order to further emergency communications. And more.

Congresswoman Calls for Upgrades to Women's Facilities in Fire Stations

Legislation was introduced last month that would provide DHS grants to fire departments to upgrade facilities for female firefighters.

Firefighters Say Illegal Immigrants In Border Areas Keep Them From Fighting Fires

Firefighters say the presence of illegal immigrants in border areas and fear for their safety keeps them from utilizing their full arsenal for stopping wildfires in the Arizona border region.

Protecting the Bravest: New Technologies For Locating Firefighters Inside Buildings

New technologies under development can be used to help locate firefighters in burning buildings and determine whether they are in distress.

Nuclear Power Plants Move to Software-Based Risk Assessments to Fend Off Fire

Nuclear power plants across the country with the support of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are moving to terminate human-led fire protection for systematic, computer-based risk assessments, according to The New York Times.

Firefighting Robots Protect London

A team of firefighting robots has helped the London Fire Brigade avoid injuries and public disruptions associated with acetylene-based cylinder fires.

Some Wildfires in Australia Believed to be the Work of Arsonists

As the worst bushfires in Australia's history continue to consume the southern state of Victoria, police fear the death toll will rise to over 300 as the search continues for an arsonist believed responsible for at least one of the fires.

NIST Issues Report on Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), which was not hit by a plane on 9-11, has been the subject of conspiracy theorists, who have suggested that it collapsed from a controlled demolition. NIST now says in a draft report that the cause was "thermal expansion of long-span floor systems at temperatures “hundreds of degrees below those typically considered in current practice for fire resistance ratings."

Sounding the Alarm on Dust Explosions

Companies that produce ignitable chemical dust must do more to prevent deadly explosions like the one at an Imperial Sugar Company plant in Georgia in February, says a member of the government's chemical safety board.

Heart Attacks, Car Crashes Top Causes of Firefighter Death

Health maintenance and fitness programs could save lives, as would increased seat belt use, say experts at a conference hosted by the National Fire Protection Association.

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