Cybercrime: Strengthening Global Cooperation

Efforts to combat cybercrime through diplomatic initiatives, treaties, and other means are growing, but it is still not a battle that all countries are equally committed to fighting.

DoD Proposes Rules For Stricter Handling Of Unclassified Information

A new Department of Defense policy would add increased security to unclassified information used by government contractors.

Morning Security Brief: Tribal Law Enforcement, Intelligent Video, Airstrike App, and More

Native American tribes receive funds for tracking crime. Hacked drones could become a new threat. Intelligent video fueling growth in the security industry. And more.

Afternoon Security Brief: Drug Testing Errors, Immigration Law Problems, Falsified Background Checks, and More

Flawed drugs tests in Indiana revealed by independent audit. Background investigators cutting corners. And More.

Governments Mount Frontal Attack on Anonymous Hackers

In a report released earlier this month, NATO gave the hacker group Anonymous a warning: “...the groups will be infiltrated and the perpetrators persecuted,” to which Anonymous responded, “Do not make the mistake of believing you can behead a headless snake.” The statement was followed by a number of hacks by the group of government Web sites and security systems, but it didn’t stop NATO countries from trying to make good on their promise.

Morning Security Brief: IMF Cyberattack, Stolen Passports, Disguised Insurgents, and More

The IMF gets hacked. Interpol says aviation's biggest threat is stolen travel documents. NATO works to counter insurgents in their ranks. Documents shed light on Chiquita's ties to Colombian violence. Plus more.

Cyber Attacks Deemed an Act of War

The Pentagon for the first time has declared that cyber attacks originating in other countries are an act of war, which clears the path for a military response.

Morning Security Brief: White House Announces Cybersecurity Plan, TWIC Fails a Test, and DHS Must Keep Accurate Records

The Obama Administration launches its new cybersecurity plan, the government's port security credential is questioned, and the government can be held liable for keeping inaccurate computer records.

Canada Becoming Cyber Criminal Breeding Ground

Canada is becoming a hotspot for cybercriminals.

Online Service Providers Must Strengthen Security to Counter Hackers

Online service providers need to bulk up on security or risk a major loss of customers.

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