Chicago Public School System's Anti-Violence Plan Pins Its Hope on Data Analysis

The head of Chicago's public school system, Ron Huberman, is hoping data analysis can do what traditional security policies could not: protect those students most at risk of becoming victims of violent crime and then flood them with adult supervision, reports The New York Times.

ELF Topples Two Radio Towers Outside of Seattle

Environmental extremists have laid claim to toppling two radio towers last week outside of Seattle, reports the Associated Press.

Stolen or Lost Gadget's Owners Frustrated by Manufacturers' Policies

Owners of lost or stolen hi-end gadgets—such as Amazon's Kindle, smartphones, and Internet radios—have discovered an enraging, frustrating fact: the manufacturer knows where their property is but will not do much to help them get it back, reports The New York Times.

Do Gangs Get Too Much of the Blame for Street Violence?

Some criminologists suggest the violent crime we blame on gangs may be obscuring an even scarier reality.

Security Concerns Arise With Medical Marijuana Centers in Rhode Island

A state police officer voiced some security concerns at a Rhode Island Department of Health meeting yesterday, relating to the state's recent decision to allow the sale of medical marijuana to chronically ill people, reports the Associated Press.

Research Shows DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

They say there's nothing certain in life but death and taxes. Still, when it comes to prosecuting a criminal case or defending against it, it seemed that DNA evidence was hard to challenge. Now, a team of Israeli researchers shows why we can't be so certain of that either.

ASIS Foundation Publishes New Report on Organized Retail Crime

The ASIS Foundation's new CRISP report provides a general primer on the practice of organized retail crime so retailers can understand why they may be more susceptible to it than other retailers and what they can do about it.

Security Camera Catches Unusual Thief on Video

After being robbed again and again, a nursery in Richardson, Texas, put up security cameras to nab the thief. What they witnessed after viewing the surveillance footage blew their mind.

Thieves Get Surprise at South African ATMs

A commercial banking company in South Africa has invested in ATM machines that squirt pepper spray to deter robbers.

Violent Crime Down in Most Big Cities

Despite an economic recession and the summer, violent crime rates are down in most metropolitan areas, reports The Washington Post front page today.

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