Morning Security Brief: Whistleblower Proposal, Intelligence Budget, Liquid Explosives Screening, and More

The SEC has issued a proposal for comment to clarify how whistleblowers can win awards by reporting fraud. The Director of National Intelligence announces progress in gaining stronger authority. Agents find a tunnel used to smuggle drugs. The European Union approves liquid explosives screening equipment. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Gun Violence, Archive Security, and Data Privacy

U.S. law enforcement groups join forces to fight gun violence. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has not effectively implemented information security controls. Privacy Group calls for more comprehensive and effective privacy protections when data is shared between the EU members and the United States.

Morning Security Brief: Identity Theft, Worldwide Corruption Perceptions, and Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials

Reports of identity-theft up 123 percent in suspicious activity reports since 2003. The United States slips slightly in Transparency International's ranking of corruption perceptions of countries. But another report on bribery of foreign officials gives the U.S. high marks.

Don't Steal This iPhone

An unlucky thief's decision to pluck an iPhone out of the hands of an intern gave the world a sneak peek at a powerful new situational awareness tool for police departments.

DEA Scores Two Victories Against Stealthy, Sophisticated Latin American Drug Traffickers

In the past two weeks, the Drug Enforcement Administration helped interdict a drug-running semi-submersible off Guatemala while providing intelligence that uncovered the construction of a full submarine for drug smuggling in Ecuador.

Making Sure Your Employees Come Home Safe

When sending employees overseas for travel, companies have a duty of care to ensure they provide the necessary security protocols, training, and contingency plans to ensure they come home safe and sound.

Inspector General Report Lists Crimes Committed by DHS Employees

Drug and illegal alien smuggling. Bribes. Kickbacks. Possession of child pornography. Attempted child sex abuse. These are just some of the crimes employees of the Department of Homeland Security were convicted of in fiscal year 2009, according to an internal report released today.

Violent Threats Against Members of Congress Surge from 2009 Through 2010

Some members of Congress have been living dangerously since 2009 as they confront a spike in violent threats from disgruntled, often mentally-ill and down-on-their-luck, constitutents and citizens, according to an investigation by POLITICO.

Morning Security Brief: Mexico's Business Risks, TSA Nominee's Testimony, Facebook's False Friends, and More

Rising violence in Mexico causes U.S. businesses there to rethink investment; TSA nominee discusses intelligence, screening, and other issues with Congress; a homeowner learns a hard lesson about Facebook "friends," and more.

FBI Instructional Video Shows How Surveillance Cameras Can Help

The FBI has released a 20-minute video that shows how private sector use of surveillance cameras can aid law enforcement.

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