Morning Security Brief: Fast and Furious Operation, Taser Review, Police Shootings, and More

An in-depth look at the guns to Mexico saga. A North Carolina city pulls Tasers off the streets for review after a death. Chicago sees more police shooting deaths. Nurses raise hospital violence awareness. And more.

Canada’s Drop in Crime Attributed to Holistic Crime Prevention Strategies

Crime in Canada is at its lowest in 40 years. Officials in Canada's highest crime areas use a multifaceted strategy to keep crime down.

Urban Area Perspective - Portland

Security Management interviews Carmen Merlo, director of the Portland Office of Emergency Management.

Morning Security Brief: Border Violence, Trusted Traveler, E-Verify Suggestions, And more

DHS documents contradict claims of cartel violence in Arizona. Travelers are willing to pay to expedite screening at airports. Skeptics of E-Verify say that it will hurt the U.S. economy. The Chinese have a new drone. And more.

Justice Department Launches Site to Review Effectiveness of Criminal Justice Programs

Wednesday marked the official launch of, the new Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Web site designed to provide researchers and policymakers, with credible information on the effectiveness of a wide range of criminal justice programs. The site includes more than 150 justice-related programs and assigns ratings based on how well a program was able to achieve its intended purpose.

Morning Security Brief: Fraud Trends, Police Layoffs, and Cybersecurity

Latest corporate crime trends revealed. Study shows police layoffs are penny wise and pound foolish. And Secret Service testifies on cybercrime role.

Morning Security Brief: Nuclear Plants, Food Safety, Criminal Sentencing, and More

Nuclear Regulatory Commission criticized; FDA announces plans to focus on safety of imported foods; Sentencing Reform in the U.K. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Citigroup Hacked, New Facebook Feature Under Fire, Security Woefully Lacking in South African Hospitals

Citigroup has suffered a compromise of sensitive customer information. Facebook's facial recognition tagging plan criticized. And group charges that private security is ill-trained and ill-equipped in South African public hospitals.

Morning Security Brief: DHS Unit Hamstrung, Organized Retail Crime, Bogus DHS Letter, FISMA

The DHS unit on domestic terrorism unrelated to Islam has been effectively silenced. Metro New York City and North New Jersey are hotbeds for organized retail theft. Scam letters are falsely threatening people with arrest. The DHS has released new reporting metrics for FISMA.

Standards Body Tells Companies to Take Initiative in the Fight Against Global Counterfeiting

Businesses reliant on the global supply chain have to take on more responsibility in the fight against counterfeit merchandise, rather than relying on law enforcement, the American National Standards Institute says.

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