How to Help Those With Special Needs Prepare Before a Disaster Strikes

Assisting those with special needs before a disaster strikes requires inclusive planning, exhaustive outreach, and an informed approach to privacy and federal disability law, explains Assistant Editor Joseph Straw.

Experts Worry More About Aging Infrastructure Than Nuclear Plants if "Big One" Occurs in Heartland

Fifteen nuclear power plants lie in the Midwest's earthquake-prone area known as the New Madrid Seismic Zone, but experts say the area's residents should worry more about aging infrastructure than the safety of those plants.

Are Nuclear Evacuation Plans a Fantasy? Asks NYT Columnist

New York Times Columnist Peter C. Applebome wonders if we're all just kidding ourselves about evacuation plans if Japan's nuclear crisis occurred here in the United States.

The Importance of Culture During a Disaster

A CNN reporter notes how Japanese societal norms have benefited disaster response efforts in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami.

Prior Near-Misses Make People Overconfident in Emergency Situations

An article in the latest issue of Risk Analysis finds that people who have knowledge of near-miss experiences associated with dangerous events perceive risk differently from those with no knowledge of near-misses.

Agencies Must Adapt to How People Use Information: FEMA Official

The best way to provide information is to adapt to the way citizens are using data, said FEMA administrator W. Craig Fugate at a conference yesterday.

Social Media's Humanitarian Side

Open-source social media, like Twitter, can provide an invaluable resource for maximizing real-time situational awareness for first responders.

The Beltway Battle Over Block D

What began as an uncontroversial plan to use freed-up radio frequency spectrum for a national wireless broadband network for first responders has degenerated into a pitched policy battle in Washington.

Rocket-Propelled Life Preserver Wins 2010 James Dyson Award

A student invention to save people drowning at sea wins the prestigious 2010 James Dyson Awards.

Organizational Resilience Management Software Suite Has Been Launched

ASIS International has launched the Organizational Resilience Management Software (ORMS) suite, a unique series of online tools to help organizations address the risks of disruptive events.

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