Did the Emergency Alert System Fail Its First Test?

Initial reactions to the nationwide Emergency Alert System test scheduled for Wednesday show it may still have some kinks to work out.

FEMA Releases Video About Planned Nationwide Emergency Alert Test

Across the nation, a three minute set of beeps and tones, followed by a voice repeating, “this is a test,” will be broadcast simultaneously on all regularly scheduled television, radio, cable, and satellite programs.

Guidance for Working in Disaster Areas

New standards are designed to help security contractors operate safely in areas with weakened rule of law.

Community Colleges Less Likely to Implement Layered Notification Systems

Forget getting the message out, experts say redundancy is key.

Looking Ahead: Disaster Response

Associate Editor Matthew Harwood interviews Lt. Gen. Guy C. Swan III, CPP.

Bush Shares Disaster Recovery Lessons At ASIS Event

Bush, who was Florida’s governor from 1999 until 2007, recounted his time as governor in 2004 and 2005, when the state faced eight hurricanes and four tropical storms in a span of 16 months.

Virginia Earthquake a Reminder for Adequate Disaster Planning

Disrupted cell phone service and an unexpected earthquake highlight the need for emergency planning -- even in areas not prone to certain types of disasters.

Former DHS Chief Calls Interoperable Communications Failure "a National Disgrace"

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge called the United States’ inability to achieve interoperable communications between first responders “a national disgrace” during a speech Wednesday that assessed how far homeland security has come since 9-11.

Drone Stakeholders Stress Robots' Humanitarian Upside

Drones don’t just end human life, they also save it, a panel of industry executives and government officials said Wednesday.

Think Tank Recommends Frank Discussion About Individual Responsibility During Disasters

The federal government has to have a "frank discussion" with the American people about what constitutes an acceptable amount of risk as it invests in resilience, according to a report from a homeland security think tank.

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