Morning Security Brief: Student Visa Scrutiny Worries Educators, Immigration Reform Efforts Progress, and More

As the government takes a closer look at student visas, some in academia worry that it may lead to an overreaction. Senators make progress on amendments to the immigration reform bill, and more.

Morning Security Brief: Background Checks on Gun Purchases, Nuclear Emergencies, and Law Enforcement Corruption

U.S. Senators agree to background checks at gun shows, a report urges the government to better research emergency response to a nuclear disaster, and two agents charged with investigating corruption are found falsifying records.

Morning Security Brief: European Privacy Policies, Border Security, and School Safety

European data protection authorities launch investigations of Google, the government fights illegal border crossings at Indian reservations, and the Indiana legislature considers placing an armed officer at every public school.

Morning Security Brief: New York Times Hacked, Border Security, Super Bowl Security, and More

The New York Times says it was hacked by China. The economic downturn may have played a role in reduced arrests along the Southwest border. And more.

Most CBP’s Problem Agents Come from Posts on the Southwest Border

A GAO investigation found that 65 percent of arrests for misconduct or corruption were of border patrol officers and agents stationed along the United States’ border with Mexico.

Bills on Maritime Security and Baggage Screening Await President Obama's Signature

Congress has presented a Coast Guard authorization bill and a bill on airline baggage screening to President Obama for his signature. The President is expected to sign both measures into law.

New Federal Laws Address Whistleblowers and Border Security

President Barack Obama recently signed two bills into law. One of the laws improves security along the U.S. border with Mexico while the other expands whistleblower protections for federal employees.

Fusion Centers Spark Debate at DHS Anniversary Discussion

The truthfulness of a controversial congressional investigative report looking into DHS support for fusion centers became a point of debate between a DHS lawyer and an ACLU representative during a homeland security panel discussion Wednesday.

Morning Security Brief: Isaac Update, UKBA Targets London University, Hazmat Database for First Responders, and More

Hurricane Isaac is weakening after dropping 20 inches of rain and producing three tornadoes. The UK Border Agency revokes a university’s ability to issue student visas, calling it “threat to immigration control.” And more.

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Most of Arizona Immigration Law

The U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision today in S.B. 1070, Arizona’s controversial immigration law. The Court ruled that three out of the four contested provisions in are unconstitutional. The provision allowing law enforcement to check immigration status is legal, ruled the Court, so long as it is interpreted narrowly.

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