Facebook Issues Security Tips Guide

Because users may have a hard time discerning scams, Facebook recently released a 14-page guide of little known tips and instructions to help its 750 million users navigate the social networking site safely.

Morning Security Brief: Weapons Ordinances, Medical Device Security, Graffiti Deciphering, and More.

Wisconsin cities move to ban weapons in public buildings. Lawmakers ask the GAO to asses medical device security. Researchers are working on an app to decipher gang graffiti, and more.

Convenience Store Group Raises Awareness About Credit Card Skimming

Convenience store association says credit card fraud via information skimming has become rampant, and it is trying to fight back by educating retailers.

Morning Security Brief: DNA Collection, WMD Directorate, Radiation Detection, and More

A court rules that taking DNA samples is no different than taking hi-tech fingerprints. DHS scraps a plan for new radiation detectors. A man tries to sell a drone on Ebay. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 'Belly' Bomber Identified, Secure Communities, Employee Screening, and More

Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is said to be the mastermind behind “belly bombs." A pipebomb is defused in Wyoming. Experts provide tips for using social media to screen candidates. And more.

Targeted Violence: A Statistical and Tactical Analysis of Assassinations, Contract Killings, and Kidnappings

Glenn P. Govern's Targeted Violence somehow breaks down 900 violent incidents into a readable and easy-to-understand analysis.

SM Archives: The Importance of Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams

The release of incident reports from Jared L. Loughner's community college demonstrate the importance of identifying people on campus who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

Securing the Big D

Senior Editor Teresa Anderson descended on Dallas to see how four local groups keep themselves safe and secure in the "Big D" for October's cover story.

DHS Adopts ASIS's Private Sector Resilience Standard

The Department of the Homeland Security yesterday adopted ASIS International's Organizational Resilience Standard as part of a program designed to voluntarily bolster the resilience of private organizations during man-made and natural disasters and emergencies.

Honesty Isn't Just Good Policy, It's Good for the Bottom Line

Honesty really is the best policy not only because it's ethical but also because corrupt practices will land the company in court, saddle it with costly fines, and ruin its reputation.

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