Enforcement Woes on First Day of New Screening Rules

Some international airports with flights bound for the United States admitted yesterday that they had not implemented new passenger screening rules announced on Sunday, reports The Associated Press.

Anatomy of a Security Breakdown

Multiple security failures allowed a 23-year-old jihadist to board Northwest Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas.

Air Cargo Vulnerable to Tampering Before Loading, Report Finds

Terrorists could introduce a bomb or other destructive device into cargo destined for the belly of a passenger plane before it's loaded onto the aircraft, says a new U.S. government report.

Credit Cards Good Enough to Clear Security at O'Hare, Investigation Reveals

A Fox Chicago News undercover investigation reveals TSA screeners at O'Hare allowed travelers to pass through security without an acceptable ID.

TSA Revises Passenger Screening Policies After Wrongfully Detaining Ron Paul Aide

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has revised its airline traveler screening policies after it was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of a man working for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

Montana Airport to Privatize Security Screening

Glacier Park International Airport in Montana has decided to opt out of federal security screening by privatizing its security workforce after experiencing staffing and customer service problems, according to Daily Inter

French Antiterrorism Officials Worry About "Keister Bombs"

French antiterrorism officials will likely recommend using inspection techniques reserved for drug mules to catch this new threat to aviation security to counter al Qaeda's latest tactic.

Airline Employees Helped Smuggle Drugs From Puerto Rico to Miami and New York

Nine American Airlines employees have been arrested for allegedly smuggling more than 300 suitcases packed with cocaine and loading them onto planes from Puerto Rico to Miami and New York, according to a DEA report.

Liquid Restrictions Could be Over in 2010, While TSA Begins Screening Powders

Liquid restrictions at U.S. airports could be a thing of the past as soon as next year, while the federal government has introduced new screening measures on powders, reports The Wall Street Journal.

AeroMexico Plane Hijacked by Three Men; Lands in Mexico City Safely

BREAKING: Mexican media reports three men have siezed a passenger plane and threatened to blow it up unless they are allowed to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, according to a breaking Reuters report.

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