Obama Requests $1 Billion to Protect the Airline Industry and Its Passengers in 2011

In its proposed 2011 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Obama Administration has requested nearly $1 billion to secure the nation's airports from terrorism-related threats on the heels of Christmas Day's botched attack by a young jihadist from Nigeria.

9-11 Commission Co-Chairs: Mass of Data, Analysis Failures Main Culprits of Christmas Day Attack

The botched terrorist attack on Christmas Day was a failure of intelligence analysis and not information sharing, the two former chairs of the 9-11 Commission testified today.

U.S. Airline Industry Fears Security Fee Hikes

In reaction to the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack, U.S. airlines can expect the Obama administration and Congress to push for a hike in security fees to pay for the security upgrades, reports Bloomberg.

Senator Warns of Boarding Pass Sleight of Hand

A confluence of loopholes involving online ticketing and security screening has Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) worried that terrorists could exploit these long-known-about weaknesses to strike commercial aircraft even if their names appeared on the federal no-fly list.

U.K.: Twitter Joke Lands Man in Jail

In a world where civilian aviation is perpetually under threat of terrorist attack, it may be smart to avoid making jokes on social networking Web sites that someone else may confuse as a threat.

Another Montana Airport Looks into Private Security Companies After Breach

The inability of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners to identify a gun inside a carry-on bag may have tested the patience of a Southwest Montana airport security chief for the final time.

Polls Show Americans Support Harsher Aviation Security Measures

Two USA Today/Gallup polls inside of three days show the American public favors the use of fully body scanners as well as profiling passengers that fit the demographics of known terrorists.

Airport Security Upgrades Too Expensive for Most African Nations

The ability of African airports to adequately screen passengers has come under scrutiny after failed Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab began his journey to the United States by boarding a plane in Lagos, Nigeria, reports The Boston Globe.

Is Whole Body Imaging the Answer to Passenger Screening?

A rising chorus of government officials and security experts say yes, but one aviation security analyst argues the technology is only as good as the human manning it.

Pilot Angered He Was Not Notified of Attempted Attack While in Air

A U.S. pilot who learned of the failed attempt to bring down a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas while airborne is angered at federal authorities for not notifying him of the attempted attack.

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