Morning Security Brief: Airport Pat-downs, Wi-Fi Risks, Workplace Violence, DoD Intelligence Budget, and More

A CNN employee's encounter at an airport draws attention to security pat-downs. Risks of free wireless connections in public spaces--and what you can do about them. A new online resource offers companies guidance in developing policies to help employees dealing with domestic abuse and related issues. And more.

Researchers Believe Skeletal Scans Could Be Newest Screening Technique

Researchers at Wright State Research Institute believe they have found the newest screening technology to identify terrorists and sexual predators: skeletal scans.

Police Association: LAX Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack

California state and local lawmakers are calling for a review of security at Los Angeles International Airport after a local police organization says the terminals are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

GAO Skeptical TSA Can Screen 100 Percent of Domestic Cargo by August Deadline

With less than a month to go, the Government Accountability Office is skeptical that the Transportation Security Administration will achieve 100 percent screening of all cargo loaded onto passenger aircraft at U.S. airports by the August 1 deadline set in law.

Terrorists Slip Past TSA's Scientifically Untested Behavioral Threat Detection Program

At least 17 suspected terrorists have evaded federal officers trained to spot suspicious behavior under an aviation security program the Government Accountability Office describes as scientifically unreliable.

Court Upholds Firing of Federal Air Marshal for Disclosing Sensitive Information

The Department of Homeland Security had the right to fire a whistleblower who provided sensitive information to a reporter in 2003, an administrative judge for the Merit Systems Protection Board ruled yesterday.

Pets Receive X-Ray Security Screening for Bombs at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

The implications of the keister bomber's failed assassination attempt on a Saudi prince last August continues to affect airport security screening policies.

DHS Working Internationally to Protect Global Aviation System

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has aggressively pursued international cooperation to protect the global aviation system from terrorists since Christmas' failed attack, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Thursday.

Congressman Admonishes DHS for Neglecting Public Concerns Over Screening Technology

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must pay closer attention to whether passengers are comfortable with future screening technologies before they are deployed to airports, a lawmaker said today.

Obama Requests $1 Billion to Protect the Airline Industry and Its Passengers in 2011

In its proposed 2011 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Obama Administration has requested nearly $1 billion to secure the nation's airports from terrorism-related threats on the heels of Christmas Day's botched attack by a young jihadist from Nigeria.

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