Travel Association Launches Grassroots Campaign for a Trusted Traveler Program

The U.S. Travel Association is launching a national grassroots campaign to urge Congress to implement a trusted traveler program.

Study: Training, Group Dynamics Critical in Airport Security Decision-Making

Only a third of European airport staff report being trained to spot security threats, and only a quarter said they frequently alert authorities when they see suspicious activity, according to the first findings of a research project aimed at developing more effective security training programs.

Travel Group Says Enough of "One-Size-Fits-All" Airport Security Model

A blue-ribbon panel of experts has called on the federal government to reform its "reactionary" and "one-size-fits-all" approach to aviation security, according to a report issued by the U.S. Travel Association last week.

TSA Will Retest Backscatter Scanners As Hearing Delves Deeper Into Machines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced Friday that it will retest the amount of potentially harmful radiation emitted by full-body X-ray scanners at U.S. airports by the end of March.

Full Body Scanners Feature Prominently in DHS's 2012 Budget Request

Despite past outrage and lingering health concerns, the White House's 2012 budget proposal has requested $105.2 million to roll out an additional 275 full body scanners at U.S. airports.

TSA Will Not Expand Private Screener Program

The Transportation Security Administration has stopped approving applications from airports hoping to launch private screener programs.

Backscatter Full Body Scanners Can Be Defeated, Journal Article Finds

A recently published journal article finds that terrorists can defeat X-ray backscatter technology, one of two machines used by the TSA to screen air travelers.

Captain Sully Sullenberger Talks Aviation Safety and Security

In this month's podcast, Captain Sully Sullenberger explains why commercial aviation is so safe and why he fears that may not hold true for much longer in an exclusive interview with Security Management.

Airport Security Market Strong Growth Projected

Airport Security Market expected to reach $289 billion by 2015.

Morning Security Brief: Airport Pat-downs, Wi-Fi Risks, Workplace Violence, DoD Intelligence Budget, and More

A CNN employee's encounter at an airport draws attention to security pat-downs. Risks of free wireless connections in public spaces--and what you can do about them. A new online resource offers companies guidance in developing policies to help employees dealing with domestic abuse and related issues. And more.

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