Cravaack’s Office Says New Airport Security Rules For Military Shouldn’t Mean Reduced Screening

The Risk-Based Security Screening for Members of the Armed Forces Act mandates that TSA develop a separate screening process for military members flying on civilian aircraft.

Morning Security Brief: Warrantless GPS Tracking, Soldier Arrested At Airport With C4, Police Get Radiation Detectors, and More

A judge rules that a warrant isn't needed to track a suspect's movement using GPS devices. A soldier is stopped twice in one week carrying explosives at airports. Illinois equips police with radiation detectors. And more.

Morning Security Brief: iPhone Forensics, New GAO Report on TSA, Cartel Violence, and More

Investigators losing key data with flawed computer forensics procedures. GAO says TSA should improve information sharing. The most common misunderstanding about the Mexican cartels. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mothers Released From Prison, DHS Grants, 12 and Under Pat-Downs, and More

4,000 mothers to be released from California prisons. Jewish organizations sweep Homeland Security grants. TSA changes its pat-down policies for children. And more.

TSA Debunks Scam Reported By New York Post Columnist

TSA clears up rumors of agents charging to bring handicapped travelers to the front of the line.

Tracking Digital Footprints In The Field

By testing suspect computing devices on site, law enforcement can reduce forensic wait times and protect the chain of evidence.

Is It Really Possible To Trust Travelers?

Part IV of Security Management's 9-11 Anniversary Special Focus: The newest attempt at a trusted traveler program.

DHS Finds Flaws in Airport Security Badging Process

The Transportation Security Administration has failed to effectively oversee the badging of airport employees with unescorted access to sensitive security areas at the nation’s airports, according to a partially redacted report from the Department of Homeland Security.

Morning Security Brief: DHS Progress Report, Private Scanners, Employee Search Ruling, Anthrax Emerging, and More

DHS issues a report assessing its own progress in meeting 9/11 Commission Recommendations. TSA adds more privacy to scanners. Vietnam may be on the verge of an anthrax epidemic. And more.

TSA Must Ask for Public Comment on Use of Whole Body Scanners

A circuit court has ruled that the Transportation Security Administration must give the public a chance to comment on the use of whole body scanners and take those comments into consideration in crafting a final rule.

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