Morning Security Brief: Missing Olympic Keys, Private Airport Security, Nuclear Site Security, and More

A set of keys goes missing at the Olympics. Sacramento mulls private airport security. Three people break into a U.S. nuclear site. And more.

Morning Security Brief: States Provide More Mental Health Records, TSA Agents Head to London, and San Francisco Settles Lawsuit

States make more health records available for firearms background checks, TSA agents protect London airports, and a manager in San Francisco reaches a settlement with the city's emergency management department.

Morning Security Brief: Attempted Hijacking in China, Doomsday PC Virus, Terror Suspects Arrested in London, and More

Chinese hijacking attempt foiled. Computers still infected with the “Internet Doomsday Virus” will lose Internet connectivity Monday. London police arrest seven terror suspects, one a former police officer. And more.

U.S. Security's Expanded Presence in Airports Abroad

Various countries have given the United States permission to place security officers in the country's airports; the officers have been given the authority to detail passengers, carry weapons, and pull people off of flights.

Morning Security Brief: CBRN-Ready Baby Cradles, CrySyS Lab Profiles Flame, Airport Breach, and More

Russia buys 100 attack-proof cradles at $60,000 apiece. CrySyS Lab publishes a report profiling the “most sophisticated cyberweapon yet unleashed.” A man with no ticket bypasses security and boards a plane in San Diego. And more.

TSA Announces New ID Scanners, Expert Questions Past Practices

TSA announced on Tuesday the start of a pilot program of a new technology to catch counterfeit IDs. One expert says the era of visual inspections of IDs is over.

Panel Discusses Steps to Improving Public-Private Collaboration to Secure Air Cargo

Achieving balance between efficiency, privacy, and security are key in securing cargo in the United States, said a panel speaking on security at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual Aviation Summit on Thursday.

ID Verification Remains a Vulnerability for Airports

A video by The Daily shows how easy it is to purchase fake identification convincing enough to dupe TSA officers.

House Committee Members Request Audit of Full Body Scanners

Two ranking members of the House Homeland Security Committee have requested an audit of how the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deploys controversial full-body scanners at airport security checkpoints.

May Be 'Coincidence,' Military Spokesman Says of Airfield Breach in Afghanistan

Some are calling it an assassination attempt, after an Afghan man drove a stolen vehicle onto the runway as Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta landed for a scheduled visit Wednesday morning.

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