Morning Security Brief: Ft. Hood Security, Tainted Cocaine, No Facebook for Prisoners, and More

Ft. Hood security reverts back to military police. No more Facebook for inmates. Stuxnet explained. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Infrastructure Vulnerability, Fake Inspectors, and More

New ways to hack into critical infrastructure. Oklahoma officials want drone-designated airspace. TSA warns about persons impersonating rail inspectors. And more.

Worth a Look: LastPass

So many passwords -- A free software helps make managing them easier and more secure.

Ditching Decals Won't Affect Base Security, Officials Say

There’s been some buzz this week among military communities after military officials announced earlier this month that they were doing away with vehicles decals at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Officials say having a decal makes service members and their families targets for violence. But now that the decals are gone, what changes can service members expect from base security?

What Makes the Smart Grid Special, Makes it Vulnerable

Despite its enormous benefits, many smart-grid critics see looming danger.

Tailgating Leads to Thefts Inside DC-Area Business and Government Offices

A theft ring is successfully preying on the key-card culture of Northern Virginia by tailgating into office buildings and stealing things from unoccupied offices, reports Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic.

Well-Dressed Prisoner Escapes from NYC Courthouse; Reapprehended 36 Hours Later

The New York City Department of Correction has ordered a top-to-bottom review of its security procedures and staffing levels after a dapper prisoner in a three-piece suit slipped out of court after claiming he was a lawyer.

British Airport Tests Facial Recognition Security Gates

London's Stansted Airport in the United Kingdom has begun testing security gates with facial recognition software as the first part of an eventual roll out of the new security gates to 10 more airports by August 2009.

10 Years After Columbine, Schools Not Doing the Little Things

While schools worry about declining security funds, a recent survey found that they are not doing the conventional, low-cost things that keep their buildings' safe.

DHS Inspector General Criticizes TSA Controls of Screener Badges, Uniforms, and ID Cards

The Inspector General's report said the TSA had to improve its controls over its security officers' badges, uniforms, and ID cards before a security breach occurred.

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