NIST Issues Updated Standard for Federal Identification Card to Strengthen Authentication Capabilities

The National Institute for Standards and Technology has come out with an updated version of the standard specification Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Card used by government employees and contractors. It has a stronger authentication credential. It does not require existing cards to be replaced.

Morning Security Brief: Theft Databases, Credential Authentication, Mobile Device Security, and South Korean Cybersecurity

Retailers have created databases of alleged employee thieves. The U.S. Transportation Security Department is seeking credential authentication technology. Mobile Device security at the U.S. Military Academy and the Army Corps' Engineer Research and Development Center is lax. South Korea is creating a new cybersecurity and attack deterrence department.

How to Spot a Fake ID

Security Officers need to be able to spot fake IDs presented at security checkpoints. Read about the most important questions they should ask and what they should look for on a driver's license.

Morning Security Brief: Hospital Back-Up Power, Hurricane Sandy By State, Employee Tracking, and More

ProPublica investigates why hospital back-up generators continue to fail. Employees at a Canadian law firm say a new access control program is being used inappropriately. Shocking videos of inmate who committed suicide show abuse by corrections staff. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 911 Caller Reveals NYPD Spy Operation, Olympic Credentials, New Details About the Aurora Shooter

A man outs an NYPD spy operation after mistaking it for a terrorist cell. Olympic athletes told not to post pictures of their credentials on Twitter. James Holmes sent a package describing his attack plans to his university. And more.

Lawmakers and Stakeholders Fed Up with TWIC Costs and Delays

The joint TSA-Coast Guard effort to biometrically verify the identities of maritime and port workers has seriously tried the patience of lawmakers and the program's stakeholders.

TSA Announces New ID Scanners, Expert Questions Past Practices

TSA announced on Tuesday the start of a pilot program of a new technology to catch counterfeit IDs. One expert says the era of visual inspections of IDs is over.

Dial “O” for an Open Door

While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

Morning Security Brief: Video Analytics, Videoconferencing Vulnerable to Hackers, Security Violations at Nuclear Lab, and More

TSA says new video analytics system is 100 percent accurate. Videoconference setups are often unsecured, says a security researcher. Multiple security violations are being investigated at Oak Ridge Laboratory. And more.

The Mark Center Makes Its Mark

Learn how a new consolidated Department of Defense facility, the Mark Center, is setting the bar for physical security that will likely be adopted for other high-security buildings as well.

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