DHS to Vet Private Aircraft Passengers

Pilots will have to provide passenger manifesto an hour before departure.

Inside Job

Insider leaks have beat out viruses as the most reported security risk by companies and government, reports

Blackwater USA Banned from Iraq

Firefight in Baghdad leaves eight bystanders dead.

Vocal Terrorism

Synthetic voice technology could lead to identity theft and other ills say British scientists.

Let Afghanistan's Heroin Be?

Curbing heroin production in Afghanistan could lead to worse problems.

Is Britain Becoming a Surveillance Society?

A new poll and report says "Yes."

McConnell Recants

Stronger surveillance law not used to spy on German jihadists.

The Five Urban Legends of Terrorism

Why counterterrorism officials should look north of our border and not south.

Russia's "Dad of All Bombs"

Another example of Russia's push to rebuild its military might.

Al Qaeda's Most Wanted Operatives

Foreign Policy lists the organization's six top operatives still at large.

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