Small and Medium Homeland Security Stocks May Have Peaked

Reuters reports this week that although U.S. security spending is still rising, small and medium-sized homeland security stocks may have hit their peak.

More of the Same, Only Different, After Putin Leaves

An economic boom amid creeping authoritarianism only adds to the uncertainty of Russia after Putin.

Head of Intelligence Community Defends Updated FISA

Mike McConnell argued that Congress should make the expanded surveillance powers they permitted in August permanent.

The New Face of Meth in America

Despite successes in stopping domestic production, foreign smuggling of the drug has filled the void, officials say.

Port Radiological Sensors Delayed and Overbudget

A government audit says the development of high-tech sensors to detect radiation at ports and border crossings is hamstrung by poor coordination between government agencies and is overdue and overbudget, reports the AP.

DHS to Vet Private Aircraft Passengers

Pilots will have to provide passenger manifesto an hour before departure.

Inside Job

Insider leaks have beat out viruses as the most reported security risk by companies and government, reports

Blackwater USA Banned from Iraq

Firefight in Baghdad leaves eight bystanders dead.

Vocal Terrorism

Synthetic voice technology could lead to identity theft and other ills say British scientists.

Let Afghanistan's Heroin Be?

Curbing heroin production in Afghanistan could lead to worse problems.

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