Sleeping Pilots Underscore Flight-Risks Described in Suppressed NASA Report

Three-and-a-half years ago, pilots approaching Denver International Airport fell asleep due to overwork.

EU to Outlaw Internet Terrorism

Measure seeks to shut down "virtual training camps."

London's Police Guilty of Shooting Death of Innocent Man

Police shot Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in a tube station a day after suicide bombers failed in attacks against London.

Schools Get FERPA Guidance

The Department of Education has developed guidelines and brochures for school officials and parents to better understand students' privacy rights.

Problems with the Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Maritime industry stakeholders voiced their frustration with the new biometric ID-cards aimed at securing the nation's ports.

NASA Will Release Airline Survey

Report was originally suppressed due to NASA fears it would harm the commercial airline industry.

Spanish Court Convicts 21 for Madrid Train Bombings

Seven acquittals show the difficulty of convicting suspects not directly involved with the attack.

Canada's Porous Border

The country's auditor general says border security may be as bad as it was 20 years ago.

Local Law Enforcement Counterterrorism Efforts Highlighted

Senior police officers tell Congress why they are the "first preventors of terrorism."

Foreign Fighters Replenishing Taliban Forces in Afghanistan

Foreign militants are more extreme and violent many say.

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