United Kingdom: Thousands of Security Jobs Held By Illegals

A government review has found that 5,000 illegal immigrants are employed in U.K. security jobs, some sensitive in nature.

Fighting the War on Terror in Cyberspace

Researchers at the University of Arizona have a new tool to identify the Web's most notorious cyberjihadists.

White House Says War on Drugs Working

Antidrug chief says the increase in price of cocaine is evidence the U.S. strategy is working.

Survey: Downloading Music Top Threat, Say IT Managers

Despite the risk of employees downloading music, most companies don't block that activity.

Mukasey Wins Approval

The new attorney general will replace Alberto R. Gonzales who left the post in August.

Congress Probes the Terrorist Watch List

Government investigators recommend strengthening the quality of the watch list data and its redress system.


FBI: al Qaeda May Launch Holiday Assault Against Shopping Malls

The warning identifies shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago as targets.

Terrorist Prison Population to Explode in England and Wales

Prison officials say new high-security prisons will need to be built if estimates are correct.

Insecurity at O'Hare

Twenty-eight illegal aliens have been arrested for using fake security-IDs to access restricted areas at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Cost of War on Terrorism Should Not Be Hidden

The GAO tells the Pentagon to stop using emergency requests to fund "the long war."

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