Infrared Night-Vision Innovator Extreme CCTV to Become Part of Bosch

Bosch Security Systems, Inc., is set to acquire Extreme CCTV for about $93 million come February 2008.

Does DHS Spend Too Much on Short-Term Technology?

The Department of Homeland Security spends more than half of its R&D money on technology that comes to fruition within three years.

Whistleblower Protection Passes Senate

Senate passage could lead to the first expansion of whistleblower rights since 1989.

Report Says Many States Aren't Ready For a Health Emergency

A new report from Trust for America's Health finds that many states are not prepared for a health emergency.

State Homeland Security Advisors Unhappy with Federal Government

A new report from the National Governors Association shows deep dissatisfaction with the federal government among state homeland security officials .

Labour Rises up Against Precharge Detention Extension

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces his first insurrection from his Labour Party on the issue of extending precharge detention to 42 days.

Homegrown Terrorists Plead Guilty to Waging War on U.S. Government

Three suspects in a Los Angeles jihadist cell have pled guilty to terrorism conspiracy charges and highlight the problem of violent radicalization in U.S. prisons.

University Fined for Lab Security Breach

The University of California has agreed to pay a $2.8 million fine for a security breakdown at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Less Private Intelligence Contractors, Says Congressional Report

A joint congressional report tells the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to find the appropriate balance between contract employees and civilian government employees.

U.S. Border Security Hurting Trade with Canada

U.S. border security initiatives hurt cross-border trade with Canada, the country's international trade minister says.

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