Gunman Murders 8, Kills Self at Omaha Mall

A suicide note from the gunman said he wanted "to go out in style."

Saudi Forum Asks U.N. to Outlaw Extremism Online

Forum statement wants U.N. to press member states to criminalize the use of information technology to spread extremism.

School Crime Did Not Rise in 2005

A student is 50 times more likely to be murdered away from school, says the Department of Justice.

Terrorism and Cyberattacks Threaten British Firms

A new report warns British businesses to prepare for homegrown terrorism threats and Chinese cyberattacks.

Businesses in Scotland Benefit from Counter Terrorism Training

Project Griffin to be rolled out across Scotland.

China: Security Guard Free-for-All No More

China set to regulate its 3 million security guards, says the Ministry of Public Security.

White House Wants to Cut Homeland Security Programs

A leaked budget memo, obtained by the Associated Press, calls for deep cuts to local homeland security programs.

National Institutes of Health Report Fails to Analyze Lab Risks

A National Institutes of Health draft report on risks associated with a proposed biocontainment laboratory is not credible, according to the National Academies.

UK Security Chief Warns of Dirty Bomb Attack

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith asked the British public to be vigilant over the holidays as Slovak police arrest three men they say had enough enriched uranium for a dirty bomb.

U.S. Should Concentrate on Border and Airport Security, Says Chertoff

Unlike Europe, the terrorist threat faced by the U.S. comes from without rather than from within.

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