Virtual Fence Won't Be Operational for 3 Years

Technical problems discovered in the virtual fencing system's prototype have led DHS officials to push back its deployment date to 2011.

Congress Tries to Get a Grip on Private Security Firms

Witnesses and senators alike agreed on the necessity of regulating private security contractors overseas.

U.K.: A New Device Stops Youth Loitering and Ticks Off Civil Liberties' Groups

The Mosquito, an anti-loitering device, delivers a high-pitched squeal only audible, for the most part, to those under the age of 25.

Jihad's Third Generation of Terror

Bolstered by the power of the Internet, Western governments have more to fear from "homegrown wannabes" than the core of al Qaeda, an influential terrorist expert warns.

Intelligence Sharing Falters at State and Local Levels

An internal DHS report obtained by The Wall Street Journal shows intelligence sharing has slightly improved, but states still complain of barriers.

Indian Muslims Denounce Terrorism as Un-Islamic

A new declaration adopted by 10,000 participants from 6,000 religious schools says "Islam prohibits killing of innocent people."

New Hacking Tool Uses Google to Find Web Site Vulnerabilities

But Web site owners can leverage the tool to discover their vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Research Team Breaks Popular Disk Encryption Technologies

By using a simple blast of cold air, researchers found they could freeze a computer's encryption keys and use them to access its contents.

Quebec Police Break Up Hacking Syndicate

The hacking ring caused $44.3 million in damage and compromised over 100,000 computers in 100 countries.

U.S. Embassy in Belgrade Attacked

Protesters angered over Kosovar independence attacked the U.S. Embassy in the Serbian capital of Belgrade today. (updated)

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