Four Alleged Members of ELF Indicted in Michigan

The four stand accused of torching a genetic-engineering facility at Michigan State University in 1999.

Panel Says PSCs Are Here to Stay; Need Regulation

A diverse panel, including industry advocates and an executive, agreed private security contractors need U.S. regulation to weed out irresponsible firms and hold contractors responsible for abuses.

Paper: Barred Domestic Spying Activity Resurrected at Different Agency

The National Security Agency has duplicated the domestic data mining work of a Pentagon program defunded by Congress three years ago amid concerns over legality and privacy.

Heart Monitors Can Be Hacked, Researchers Say

A research team has hacked into a defibrillator, but says the possibility that others will try and succeed are low.

New Terminal at JFK Designed to Make Security Quicker and Easier

JetBlue's new terminal at JFK International Airport reflects the security concerns of a post-September 11 world.

Be a Better CISO

A new survey by Forrester Research discusses the seven habits of an effective CISO.

New Report Says Right-Wing Extremism Growing in U.S.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says there has been a sharp increase in hate crimes against Hispanics, but a prominent immigration reform group named in the report says the data is misleading.

U.N.: Private Security Contractors Need Oversight

A U.N. working group says private security contractors become mercenaries once they engage in low-intensity conflict or post-conflict situations.

U.K.: Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell Allegedly Found in Met Police Force

MI5 reportedly has the suspected al Qaeda members under 24-hour surveillance.

Security Industry Booming in India

India's rapid industrialization has spurred explosive growth in its private security industry.

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