US-VISIT Poorly Managed, Probably Behind Schedule

The GAO says DHS spent a third of a biometric program's funding before determining whether it was cost-effective.

End in Sight for Pentagon Intelligence Unit?

A controversial Pentagon intelligence office may be closed down, depending on the results of an impending review by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

Radiation Detection Flawed, Say Scientists

Two scientists argue radiation screening at American ports of entry is flawed and a potentially fatal hole in our national security.

Treasury Evolves to Fight Terrorist Financing

A top Treasury official told Congress today that the department's role in countering terrorist financing has made it an important part of the country's national security architecture.

Boise Most Vulnerable City in Western U.S. to Terrorist Attack

Many cities on the East Coast are highly vulnerable to a terrorist attack, especially those with ports.

State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Lacks Guidance and Accurate Reporting

The Government Accountability Office worries a lack of guidance and assessment when funding foreign counterterrorism programs, on top of incomplete and inaccurate reports, may hamper foreign country counterterrorism capabilities.

Spy Agencies Using Google

Google's search engine technology and servers are being used by the nation's intelligence community to share information more efficiently.

Don't Get Scammed

Identity thieves and other cybercriminals are on the prowl this tax season.

Heathrow Scraps Fingerprint Plan

London Heathrow Airport scraps a plan to fingerprint all departures at a new domestic terminal after a government watchdog voices opposition.

Leopard Killed First in Hacker Competition

The contest pitted hackers against three operating systems: Linux's Ubuntu, Mac's Leopard, and Microsoft's Vista.

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