Government Purchase Cards Abused, Says GAO

Congress's watchdog agency reports widespread improper and fraudulent use of government purchase cards.

Olympic Torch Route Changed Due to Massive Protests

San Francisco officials have changed the torch relay route and provided three rings of security to protect runners from a replay of what occurred in London and Paris.

Police Surveillance Widens in D.C.

The District of Columbia is set to give police access to a fully integrated network of 5,000 CCTV cameras.

U.S. to Develop an Early Warning System for Hacks

Chertoff compares the effort to the Manhattan Project; security experts are skeptical.

San Francisco Readies Itself for Olympic Torch Relay Tomorrow

After violent protests in London and Paris on Sunday and Monday, city officials have strengthened security measures to try and avoid the same fate in San Francisco.

Bank Account Details Most Popular Item for Sale by Cybercriminals

In the online black market, bank account details can sell for as little as $10.

Draft Security Plans for the World Trade Center Modeled Off London's Ring of Steel

Critics say the plan will create a traffic nightmare.

Private Security Companies Move to the High-Seas

Governments and corporations alike have hired private maritime security contractors to provide training and protection services to defend their marine assets.

Al Qaeda Attacks Western Worker Complex in Yemen

Al Qaeda-linked terrorists claim responsibility for firing three rockets at a villa where Western oil workers live in the city of Sanaa.

IEDs Proliferate from Iraq, Afghanistan

IEDs have become terrorists' weapon of choice and are being used in conflicts far from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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