Identify Theft Swells in the U.K.

Over the past year, identity theft in the United Kingdom almost doubled, mostly targeting the rich.

WMD Video not al Qaeda, Say Terrorism Experts

A video calling for WMD attacks against the West, said to be slated for release today, is not the work of al Qaeda but a crude fan video created by jihadi enthusiasts.

GAO Finds Problems in Supply Chain Security Practices

The GAO says CBP must address three issues to ensure that private partners are meeting their port security requirements in return for reduced scrutiny and faster processing of their cargo shipments.

Online Gold and Silver Transactions Could Attract Money Launderers and Terrorists

A classified Canadian report says that Web sites operated by "digital precious metal operators" could be exploited for money laundering and terrorist financing.

Terrorism in Decline, Canadian Study Says

Report says the way U.S. institutions calculate terrorism is flawed and politically motivated.

Whistleblowers Criticize FBI

Two whistleblowers and a U.S. senator describe a culture of corruption, retaliation, and discrimination within the FBI.

U.S. Does Poorly in Peace Rankings

The United States has fallen one place down in the 2nd annual Global Peace Index, but the index's creator says the world is more peaceful this year than last year.

China Embraces Cyberwarfare, Experts Testify

China, says one expert, wants to achieve "electronic dominance" by the year 2050.

San Diego Airport's Security Lanes Aim to Ease Stress

Passengers will be able to pick the security lane that most closely fits their needs.

Hollywood Data Theft Techniques Made Real

Research teams have devised two novel ways to steal data, however, there is an easy, low-tech way to stop one technique.

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