Citibank, Cardtronics Mum on ATM PIN Breach

The extent of the fraud is still unknown, although prosecutors allege the hackers stole at least $2 million.

U.K.: A Year After Glasgow, Aviation Security Risks Persist

A new report warns that cargo planes could be used in acts of terrorism and a security consultant says airports are still vulnerable to terrorism after the attack on Glasgow International Airport last year.

Americans Returning from Overseas Find Their Electronic Devices Searched and Seized

But does it violate the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable search and seizure?

Retailers Face Deadline for Securing Web-facing Applications

Retailers that accept payment cards have until the end of the day to comply with a new requirement that secures a company's web-facing applications.

Should the Freedom of Information Act Apply to Private Prisons?

Lawmakers hear testimony for and against having private prisons covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Ex-Intelligence Officers Condemn Torture

The group of fifteen ex-interrogators and ex-intelligence officers call torture “unlawful, ineffective and counterproductive.”

Climate Change Harms National Security, Says Top Intelligence Official

A top intelligence officer told Congress that climate change could have wide-ranging effects on U.S. national security.

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Suspected Terrorists

The Saudi regime says it arrested 701 suspected terrorists so far this year. More than 500 still remain in prison.

Low Morale for Airport Screeners Could Harm Security, Report Says

The Transportation Security Administration says the report's methodology is flawed.

Outside Threats More Likely, Insider Threats More Costly, Says Study

Most organizations could prevent network security breaches by following simple mitigation methods.

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