Climate Change Harms National Security, Says Top Intelligence Official

A top intelligence officer told Congress that climate change could have wide-ranging effects on U.S. national security.

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Suspected Terrorists

The Saudi regime says it arrested 701 suspected terrorists so far this year. More than 500 still remain in prison.

Low Morale for Airport Screeners Could Harm Security, Report Says

The Transportation Security Administration says the report's methodology is flawed.

Outside Threats More Likely, Insider Threats More Costly, Says Study

Most organizations could prevent network security breaches by following simple mitigation methods.

Airlines, Embassies Against Collecting Biometric Info on Exiting Foreigners

Both groups say it is the responsibility of the federal government to administer the exit portion of the US-VISIT program.

DHS Designates 7,000 Sites as High-Risk for Attack

The facilities range from chemical plants to colleges.

Royal Dutch Shell Offshore Oil Facility Attacked

Nigerian militants say the incident shows no oil installation is safe from their attacks.

China Ratchets Up Security Before Olympic Games

The Chinese government has deployed a counterterrorism force of 100,000 to protect the Olympic Games from terrorist attack and public unrest.

TSA Launches "Airside" Security Program for Airports

Officials hope to bolster coordination between airport operators, airlines, and local law enforcement to better secure airport tarmacs and service areas.

Sexual Assaults on Cruise Liners May Be More Frequent Than Previously Reported

Victims' rights advocates allege the cruise industry minimizes the amount of sexual assaults that take place on their ships.

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