Al Qaeda Recruits Europeans and Americans for Attack Against Israel, Israeli Intelligence Reports

Intelligence officials fear the international terrorist organization will establish ties with local terrorist groups.

Managing Flood Risk a Shared Responsibility, Army Official Says

The federal government is not the only player in protecting the country from flooding, an Army official told a congressional hearing today.

Malware Targets Legitimate Sites

Malware is infiltrating legitimate business sites, delivering increasingly dangerous payloads, according to Sophos.

Blackwater to Move Away from Protection Services

Blackwater Worldwide officials say protective services were never "the master plan" and argue that sensational media coverage has distorted its image.

China Denies It Stole British Official's BlackBerry

The Times (of London) reports that the BlackBerry was stolen by a female Chinese intelligence agent after the British official brought her back to his hotel after meeting her in a nightclub.

Hackers Don't Always Use High Technology

Security researcher tells hacker conference that criminals don't only use high-tech techniques to get at confidential information.

Congressman Consistently Hassled During Airport Screenings

Rep. John Lewis tells congressional committee that if this can happen to him "you can only imagine what the average American suffers."

Don't Fall for Angelina Jolie Spam

Spam e-mails allege they have adult video of the Hollywood actress.

Ahead of Olympics, Security Measures Create Gloomy Atmosphere in Beijing

The Communist state warns that the Olympic Games is under the shadow of an "unsurpassed" terrorist threat.

Venezuela's Chávez No Terrorist

Senior U.S. official describes how the U.S. should respond to a softening in Venezuela's anti-U.S. rhetoric

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