With New Nonlethal Weapons Comes Controversy

New nonlethal weapons near release and in development spark debate: "Just how safe are they?"

U.S. Fears Ukrainian Ship's Weapons Will Fall Into Somali Jihadist Hands

Somali pirates took a Ukrainian ship hostage last Thursday they say without any knowledge it was packed with Russian arms.

Employees Routinely Risk Data Leaks Through Negligent Behaviors, Study Says

In a survey commissioned by Cisco, just over one-half of respondents said they altered company security settings even though it was against company policy.

Small Airports Nationwide Implement New Security Training

A new, free training curriculum helps general aviation airports correct their security vulnerabilities.

FCC Proposal Aimed at Securing Public Safety Spectrum Bid

The FCC hopes slashing the cost of the wireless spectrum set aside for first responders will entice a buyer.

Two Terrorism Suspects Arrested on Plane in Germany

The two suspects were bound for Amsterdam; the Netherlands is considered a "preferred target" of jihadist terrorists, according to the chief Dutch counterterrorism official.

Nuclear Scientist, GAO Question Effectiveness of Next Generation Radiation Detectors

DHS' next generation of radiation detectors are not cost-effective and may not provide greater detection capability than those already in use, say critics.

Islamabad International Airport Threatened by Suicide Attack

An anonymous caller threatened suicide attacks against the country's airports at 12:40 p.m., leading to the evacuation of Islamabad International Airport's passenger lounges and parking areas.

Congress Gets Report Card on Homeland-Security Information Sharing

The Department of Homeland Security's intelligence-sharing efforts were criticized by witnesses from state and local law enforcement positions.

IT Security Market Consolidation Good for Consumers, WSJ Says

McAfee's purchase of Secure Computing Monday is the latest example of the consolidation of the tech-security marketplace, a trend which should help consumers says The Wall Street Journal.



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