Government Search and Seizure Powers Have Gradually Expanded Since 9-11

The Washington Post reports that border agents, according to internal policies, used to need probable cause to search, seize, detain, and copy materials carried by travelers.

Gunman Murders 9, Then Shoots Self at Finnish School

Police had questioned the suspect yesterday regarding videos showing him shooting a handgun but determined not to terminate his gun license.

DHS Working on Anxiety Detection Screener

A new generation of passenger screening technology in development by DHS will seek to measure travelers' anxiety levels.

Al Qaeda Suspected in Marriott Hotel Blast in Islamabad

The Saturday night suicide truck bomb killed more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more amid tight security.

Gates Expects NATO to Share Cost of Building Afghan Army

Against a backdrop of spreading insurgent violence in Afghanistan and an increasing criticism of airstrikes, Defense Secretary Robert Gates insists NATO must share the cost of helping the country to self-sufficiency.

Brokaw Talks About America's Search for a Balance between Freedom and Security

"We’re still struggling to find the balance between freedom and the new security considerations," said NBC's Tom Brokaw during his keynote address at the ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

DHS and Sesame Street Teach Kids About Disaster Preparedness

The Department of Homeland Security teams up with Sesame Workshop to bring disaster preparedness messages to young children.

U.S. Lacks Comprehensive Cybersecurity Warning Capability, Report Says

The Government Accountability Office says that US-CERT lacks a comprehensive capability to create "warnings that are consistently actionable and timely."

Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility for U.S. Embassy Attack in Yemen

U.S. officials say the attack bore all the hallmarks of an al Qaeda operation.

Washington Insiders Carville and Matalin Dissect the Presidential Campaign

The husband-and-wife team shelled out their competing opinions and analyses on the 2008 race for the White House.

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