Yellow Jacket Smartphone Case Delivers 650,000-Volt Sting

By Carlton Purvis

The Yellow Jacket’s inception came after inventor Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint last summer.

“I thought of the firearms I had upstairs, which in the moment did nothing to protect me. I thought about the fake cell phone stun gun I had that served no purpose as a phone and I never carried around. I thought of my phone case itself that the robber had left behind on his way out. And that’s when the idea came to me,” Froom says in a promotion video for the product.

Froom teamed up with Sean Simone and created company to start producing Yellow Jacket, a stun gun case for the iPhone 4.

The 4-ounce, 1-inch thick case, comparable to an OtterBox, gives the user the power 650,000 volts in a device that is almost always within arm’s reach.

“The effects of Yellow Jacket are loud, painful, and disorienting,” says Froom. “Every other phone case on the market provides protection for only the phone, but our phone case provides protection for both your phone and you.”

Yellow Jacket has created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to launch the product nationally. So far it’s raised $61,000 of a $100,000 goal, receiving orders for more than 650 of the devices.

The Yellow Jacket will retail for around $125. Customers can pre-order for $100 from the campaign Web site.

Froom recommends people traveling with the Yellow Jacket case check it in their luggage (stun guns are prohibited from carry-ons for air travel) and not to “go getting any crazy ideas like going swimming with your iPhone 4.”

thumbnail from Yellow Jacket Twitter



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