Wozniak Praises the Power of Innovation

By ASIS Newspaper Staff

Wozniak also spoke about expectations of privacy in technology and the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program. “There’s a reason and a purpose for” the NSA and phone tapping, said Wozniak, “but I think there should be strong oversight as to what can be tapped when. And I think we’re ignoring principles that are very good from the Constitution as to how.” He added that there should be some idea of who the government will be investigating and why, and that the public is disappointed in the NSA after the Snowden revelations because they had higher expectations of privacy in their communications. 
Wozniak said that the major carriers hand over the data to the government and law enforcement too easily. “The ability to simply go out and have total power gets misused…I don’t think the security agencies should come off looking this tarnished. Security’s very important.”

Wozniak also mentioned in his speech that hackers are driven to understand and explore systems, and that a lot of the things that people think are “bad” can actually be helpful in the long run. “If you’re destroying somebody else’s data, or costing them money in some way, or you’re trying to make money off of it, that’s bad. If you’re only exploring it as a system to see how far you can get as a challenge…generally that’s good because you’re developing your mind,” Wozniak told Security Management. Wozniak said he thinks law enforcement agencies and companies that detect these types of intrusions in their systems should be more discerning about those nonmalicious hacking attempts and be more lenient.

“The punishment doesn’t really fit the crime for a lot of people who are no more hackers than I was, which was basically not a hacker, just an explorer.”

Also at Wednesday’s General Session, David Moitzheim, CPP, PSP, PCI, president of the ASIS Professional Certification Board, honored those who have recently earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), or Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) credentials.

Moitzheim also recognized triple certificants Gary S. Beck, Nicholas Santillo, and Ann Trinca for earning the CPP, PSP, and PCI. Three companies, Chevron Business and Real Estate Services Security Operations Team; Lyndon Security Services, Inc.; and Amalgamated Security Services Limited, were presented with the ASIS Organizational Award of Merit.


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