Worth a Look: iHound

By John Wagley

Mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen. One application, which works with both Apple and Android platforms, can quickly and accurately track devices and offers a host of additional security features at relatively low cost.

To begin using iHound, users must download the application to their phone or iPad. Once launched, the application can then be set to run in the background, sending regular location information to iHound’s servers via Wi-Fi, 3G, or GPS.

Users also need to register for an iHound account at the iHound Software Web site. If any device goes missing, account holders can log into this site and track and manage their device through the iHound Security Dashboard. In the Dashboard, one window shows a history of last known device locations. If the device is connected, its location will also be displayed in another window.

Users can take advantage of several security features in the Dashboard. These include sending a push notification to the device that relays a message of the account holder’s choosing. Users can also make the device sound a loud alarm. Other options include remotely wiping the data from the device, a feature that could be especially useful for small business users. The Dashboard offers a remote locking option as well. Users can manage numerous devices from the site after each has been registered and outfitted with the application.

One unusual feature of the application is the Geo-fence function. In the Dashboard, account holders can choose a location on a map in the Geo-fencing tab. They can then select a perimeter distance. Users can choose to be notified when the device leaves the area; notification can be via e-mail, Facebook, or other social networking sites, for example.

Available for iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, and Android phones and replete with a handful of security features, iHound could be an application worth considering.

(To continue reading this review from our February 2012 issue, please click here)

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