Truman Project Releases National Security Manual

By Carlton Purvis

A D.C.-based leadership institute has published a manual to provide policy-makers and national security practitioners with a tool to quickly understand hot topics in national security.

The Truman National Security Project released the Spring 2012 edition of the Truman Security Briefing Book, formerly known as the National Security Manual, at an event on the Hill Monday night. The manual is a crash course on national security issues including traumatic brain injury and PTSD in veterans, nuclear proliferation, and analysis of critical events worldwide, including the Arab Spring.

"America faces a hyper-connected future. The security threats we face, from pandemic disease, to the economic contagion that challenges our workers, and the virulent terrorist networks that threaten our security, are born of this hyper-connectivity," said Mike Breen, Truman Project vice president. "The Truman Security Briefing Book is intended to help America's leaders understand these challenges and provide them with smart, principled guidance on how to overcome them."

Each of its 12 chapters was written to be easily read and digestible with key facts and policy options. “It’s a 101 in national security for political practitioners, Capitol Hill staff, and the broader national security industry as a whole,” Truman National Security Project Spokesperson Stephanie Dreyer said by phone on Tuesday.

View the manual below or at the Truman National Security Project Web site.

Truman Security Briefing Book

photo by geetarchurchy/flickr


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