By the Numbers: TSA in 2012

By Carlton Purvis

Here's a look at TSA stats from January through July:

375,432,402 people have traveled through security checkpoints in 2012

1.8 million passengers screened per day

30,204 have submitted complaints (0.008% of the total number of passengers)

821 firearms discovered in carry-on bags at 160 airports

56 firearms were found at ATL

691 firearms were loaded

210 firearms had a round in the chamber

20 airports use TSA Pre-Check

5 airlines use TSA Pre-Check

1 passenger tried to hide a pistol in a potted plant

TSA didn’t provide specific numbers on explosives but noted that 40mm high explosive grenade, flash powder, M-80 fireworks, a black powder flask filled with 5oz. of black powder, a cannonball, and a live blasting cap have been found this year.

photo by Ben Popken/flickr


TSA Tally

 Great job guys! I know you are under the gun, sorry for the pun! You are doing a fabulous job for all of the right reasons. Thank you!

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