Morning Security Brief: West Nile Precautions, LAPD Changes SAR Rules, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Health officials around the United States are warning the public to take precautions against mosquitoes Labor Day weekend. Forty-eight states have reported West Nile Virus infections. So far 1,590 cases have been reported in people. There have been 65 deaths. More than 70 percent of the cases have been reported from six states: Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Michigan. Forty-five percent of all cases have been in Texas. To help prevent the spread of West Nile Virus, the CDC says to eliminate sources of standing water and use window and door screens.

►The LAPD has approved new rules for documenting suspicious behavior they think could be linked to terrorism. The rules include the ability to write reports on people whose actions seem suspicious but don’t break any laws.

►At least three people are dead Friday morning in a shooting at a supermarket in New Jersey. Details are still emerging about the incident.

►Police are calling it robbery by appointment. Victims answer a listing for a car being sold on Craigslist. After sealing the deal, they’re robbed at gunpoint. And police say its a fairly common occurrence since the site went online. ♦ Syrian rebels have begun attacking government security compounds. ♦ And a new report says companies are still struggling with cloud security.



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