Morning Security Brief: Weapon Buyback Program Successful, First Winter Storm, Escapee Back in Custody, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►In response to an amnesty offer, more than 1,100 firearms were dropped off at churches last weekend. “At up to $250 per weapon, the state paid out about $110,000 to Camden residents,” Al Jazeera reports. During a similar drive last year, only 57 weapons were surrendered. Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa says many people didn’t want guns around the house after last week’s shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

►The first major storm of the season is making its move across the country. It’s already dropped eight inches of snow on Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin and is expected to have an impact on winter travel. Six deaths and a 25-car accident have been attributed to the storm. Thousands of flights have been cancelled. Check out this interactive map, created by the AP, to track the storm.

►One prisoner is back in custody after he and his cellmate escaped a federal prison in Chicago by tying bed sheets together and climbing out the window and down the side of the building. Joseph "Jose" Banks and Kenneth Conley escaped Tuesday. “The escape went unnoticed for hours, with surveillance video from a nearby street showing the two hop into a cab shortly before 3 a.m.,” NBC reports. Police searched several homes and businesses looking for the men. Banks was captured late Thursday night.

►In other news, A U.S. Marine pleads guilty for urinating on a Taliban corpse. A video of the act showed up online in 2011. “He admitted to wrongful desecration, failure to properly supervise junior Marines and posing for photos with battlefield casualties,” the AP reports. ♦ North Korea says it has detained a U.S. citizen for “crimes”, but hasn’t provided further details. ♦ Informatica, a data integration company, says we can expect to see breaches become more complex and more often.




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