Morning Security Brief: Video Analytics, Videoconferencing Vulnerable to Hackers, Security Violations at Nuclear Lab, and More

By Carlton Purvis


►A new perimeter security system using video analytics has a 100 percent success rate, according to a TSA report. “In early March 2011, National Safe Skies Alliance, performing independent verification and validation services for the TSA, conducted more than 900 test scenarios to challenge the SightLogix SightSensor thermal camera system throughout several regions of the Buffalo Airport,” Security Direct News reports. The cameras are set to look for intrusion by people and vehicles moving toward the runway and the perimeters of multiple airport gates. In every scenario, the alarm was triggered successfully and the location information was delivered to security with 100 percent accuracy.

►While companies look to secure tablets and mobile devices, another communication medium remains wide open to cyberattacks. Rapid7 security chief H.D. Moore, says videoconference equipment is often overlooked when it comes to cybersecurity because it is difficult and expensive to properly secure. One of the biggest vulnerabilities is that anyone can call in to most sessions anonymously and listen in. That vulnerability could be fixed by making a password or having a gatekeeper screen participants joining calls, Moore said.

►Authorities and a security contractor are investigating multiple security violations at Oak Ridge Laboratory, a nuclear research facility, after photos of a guard sleeping on the job were distributed anonymously to media and the Department of Energy. The photos were taken in Building 3019, the highest security building on the campus, which contains materials that could be used to make an atomic bomb. “Besides the apparent violations of an officer sleeping on the job and using a prohibited electronic device, there is the additional issue of who took photographs inside a high-security nuclear installation,” the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

►In other news, the Obama administration is planning to reveal publicly the legal reasoning behind its decision to kill Anwar al-Awlaki. ♦ Mexico arrests 11 Sinaloa cartel members after a helicopter raid on a ranch in Durango. The regional leader of the group was killed in the raid. ♦ And a private security company was called to secure a San Francisco hotel after Occupy protestors and police clashed inside. 




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