Morning Security Brief: Venezuela Election, Sovereign Citizens Movement, Arizona Man Guilty of Chemical Attack, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Venezuela’s elections went off without a hitch despite the country going into panic mode just before the polls opened, emptying store shelves of food, water, and emergency supplies. Incumbent Hugo Chavez won the election with 54 percent of the vote.

►The Southern Poverty Law Center says the Sovereign Citizens movement has grown steadily in the past few years, with the most growth occurring right after the 2008 elections. “Sovereigns recognize little authority higher than their own. They believe that individuals, not courts or government, decide what laws a person must follow. They often refuse to pay taxes, get driver's licenses or obey speed limits,” The Times Picayune reports.  After a number of violent, sometimes deadly, Sovereign Citizen encounters with police officers, the SPLC produced an informational video for law enforcement. The video has been ordered by more than 80,000 police officers.

►An Arizona man was found guilty Friday of production and use of a chemical weapon. Todd Fries was arrested in May 2011 for an attack that happened in August 2009. Fries created a device that would produce chlorine gas and left it in his victims’ front yard after sealing shut the doors to their home. There was also an explosive device nearby. The chlorine created a football field-sized cloud that prompted neighborhood evacuations.

►In other news, the Mexican navy says marines killed the leader of the Zetas cartel in a shootout. ♦ Israel-based Opgal Optronic Industries creates a new camera that can detect gas leaks from hundreds of meters away. ♦ And Israel is deploying UAVs to monitor its gas pipelines.




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