Morning Security Brief: Underwear Bomb, New Border Patrol Strategy, Body Scanner Vulnerabilities, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►The CIA announced on Monday that it disrupted another underwear bomb plot targeting a U.S.-bound plane. The details so far: The device, recovered by the FBI, was a more sophisticated version of the one used in the 2009 attempted bombing of a plane headed to Detroit. The suicide bomber had yet to select a target and there was no imminent threat of attack. Officials have not said if the person planning the attack is in custody or where the bomb was seized. The device is similar to those used by AQAP and looks to be the work of Ibrahim al-Asiri, al-Qaeda's "master" bomb maker. The bomb did not contain any elements that would set off a standard metal detector. However, it would be noticeable to body scanners, the Telegraph reports.

►The Border Patrol has unveiled its first new strategy in eight years. It previously relied on a strategy "that blanketed heavily trafficked corridors for illegal immigrants with agents, pushing migrants to more remote areas where they would presumably be easier to capture and discouraged from trying again,” the Associated Press reports. The new “risk-based,” “intelligence driven” strategy focuses on finding out who the repeat border crossers are and finding out why they keep coming.

►The DHS inspector general has “identified vulnerabilities in the screening process” when it comes to body scanners and issued eight recommendations for improvement. The full report can be found on the DHS Web site.

►In other news, DHS is working with gas pipeline operators to help them deal with sophisticated phishing attacks. ♦ Interpol issues a warrant for the arrest of Iraq's fugitive Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on suspicion of financing terrorists and 150 other charges that include killing judges. ♦ And a case brought by about a dozen U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who are on the no-fly list will be heard by a federal appeals court on Friday. 



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