Morning Security Brief: Unattended Weapon, ‘Smart’ TASER, 787s Grounded, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►No criminal charges are expected for a security guard who left his firearm in the bathroom at a Michigan middle school on Monday. The guard, who was recently hired by Lapeer Charter School, set the weapon down while in the bathroom and left without it. After “a few moments,” he retrieved it. The school isn’t releasing details but says no students were involved in the incident. The school declined to say how they found out it happened.

TASER’s latest model includes smart technology that logs events like the amount of electric charge, when a safety is turned on or off, and how long a trigger was pulled. The new model, X26P, is priced at $850.

►The U.S. grounded its entire 787 fleet because of battery issues discovered in two of the planes. The decision comes after a 787 had to make en emergency landing in Japan. Boeing is working with the FAA on a corrective action plan.

►In other news, a new study finds that 30 percent of teen girls have met with a person in real life that they met online. One in 10 say they “experienced some form of exploitation, ranging from sexual advances to rape, during that offline interaction.”♦ Take a look inside the European Union’s cybercrimes unit. ♦ And a husband and wife plead guilty to running an international human trafficking operation.




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