Morning Security Brief: Syria Update, School Security, New NSA Details, and More

By Laura Spadanuta

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has stated today that Syria can avoid an attack from the United States by turning over the nation's chemical weapons, reports Reuters. Kerry added that he was sure that would not happen. Kerry said control of the chemical weapons in Syria was limited to President Bashar al-Assad and a select few others. Kerry, speaking in London, said he was confident of the evidence that Syria had used chemical weapons and that the evidence would "come back to haunt" the United States and its allies.  Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives announced that it would hold a hearing on Tuesday regarding the domestic security implications of military action in Syria, reports

The Wall Street Journal has a spotlight on school security as schools open. It highlights some changes made with regard to last year's school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Among the upgrades are bullet-resistant windows to prevent another Adam Lanza from shooting his or her way into a school, increased security drills, and increases in active security officers.

Spiegel Online reports that the National Security Agency can spy on smartphone data. It can access user data from the phones, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

The Indian Army has been deployed in India's Muzaffarnagar region after violence between Muslims and Hindus left nearly 30 people dead. The region is also under curfew.The BBC reports that the clashes broke out after a group of Hindu farmers held a meeting to "protest the killing of three young men who had spoken out against the alleged harassment of a local woman." Some of the farmers were attacked on their way home from the meeting.

Also in the news: LLRX has released a competitive intelligence resource guide complete with links to resources; McAfee unveils its security, antivirus, and other 2014 protection products; Downing Street denies a security breach of having U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's ministerial red box unattended during a train ride; the Mapping Arms Data visualization project gives a look at imports and exports of arms and ammunition.



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