Morning Security Brief: Radioactive Material Investigations, Headlight Thefts, Most Dangerous Places to Travel, and More

By Carlton Purvis

►Investigations by Georgian officials detail how left over radioactive materials from the Cold War are making it onto the black market and how smugglers try to move them across borders.

►Blogs are blaming a recent rash of headlight thefts in Amsterdam on marijuana growers. Thirty-five sets of high intensity headlights have been reported stolen from Porsches in the last few months. “As well as producing the correct light-to-heat ratio for growing cannabis, the xenon bulbs are highly energy efficient. Even small-scale cannabis farms require vast amounts of electricity, which makes the bulbs attractive for rogue herbalists,” The Guardian reports. So far the trend hasn’t expanded outside of the Dutch capital.

Travel and Leisure publishes its list of most dangerous countries to travel. Pakistan, Sudan, Georgia, Lebanon, and North Korea top the list.

►In other news, a typhoon in the Philippines leaves 600 dead and close to 1,000 missing. ♦ The Guardian publishes the first interview with Damon Thibodeaux, the Louisiana man recently released from death row after being exonerated by DNA. “He walked out as the 300th prisoner in the U.S. to be freed as a result of DNA testing and one of 18 exonerated from death row,” The Guardian reports. ♦ And a new study says nine out of 10 hospitals have lost personal data in the last two years.



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