Morning Security Brief: Philadelphia's CWP Woes, Phoenix Retailers Fight ORC, Hospital Privacy, And More

By Carlton Purvis

►In analysis of gun permit data for Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer found 900 concealed carry permits from Florida were issued to people in the city. “No other area of the state has that concentration of Florida permits,” the Inquirer reported. “Philadelphia has more Florida permits per capita than any other big city.” Because of reciprocity agreements between Florida and Philadelphia, many people who are refused an application in Philadelphia, for various reasons including domestic violence, gun, or drug charges, can still get a valid permit in Florida.

►Phoenix is becoming a hotbed for organized retail crime (ORC) and the criminals carrying out the crimes are becoming bolder and more sophisticated. In response, businesses in Arizona are stepping up their countermeasures and introducing a slew of new technologies to stop, or at least slow down, ORC operations. The measures include bar codes that track if an item was actually sold, spider wraps, alarms wrapped around a box that alert if a box is opened or leaves the store, and locking merchandise wraps. New devices, along with information sharing between retail investigators and law enforcement, have led to several high-profile busts in the past year, the Arizona Republic reports.

►At a hospital in Florida, three employees were fired for accessing patient records outside of their responsibilities. Three Florida Hospital employees “looked up records of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents that included patient's name, date of birth, social security number and insurance information,” CFNEWS13 reported. The hospital sent out letters to more than 2,000 patients who had visited its emergency room since January of this year.

►More than 10,000 missiles are unaccounted for in Libya and NATO officials worry that they could fall into the hands of al Qaeda. A former Libyan general said around 5,000 surface-to-air missiles are among the missing. “The United States has said it is working closely with Libya's new interim leaders to secure arms stockpiles, amid concerns over weapons proliferation,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

►In other news, Republican hopeful and Texas Governor Rick Perry said he would be open to sending U.S. troops to Mexico to battle the cartels. ⇒The ATF issues a memo saying medical marijuana users are prohibited from owning firearms. ⇒And the National Journal creates a “Where Are They Now” slideshow of the FBI’s 22 most wanted terrorists after 9-11. 




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