Morning Security Brief: Obama Gives National Security Speech, Washington State Bridge Collapse, and More

By Laura Spadanuta

  President Obama gave a national security speech yesterday in which he called for a redefining of the war on terror. The New York Times reports that the President said he'd like to curtail the use of drones. He also stated that his administration had briefed Congress on every drone strike it ordered outside of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to The Washington Post. "He says the briefings included the one instance in which an American citizen was the target: Anwar al-Awlaki." Earlier this week, the White House reported the deaths of three other American citizens by drone strikes. The Times reports that the President also ordered a review on investigations involving reporters, saying that reporters should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs. President Obama also reiterated his desire to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

 No one was killed in yesterday's I-5 bridge collapse in Washington, according to The Seattle Times. Three people were injured in a fall 50 feet into the Skagit River. The bridge failure cut off the main route between Seattle and Washington. The Federal Highway Administration listed the bridge as "functionally obsolete," meaning its design was outdated, but it was not labeled as structurally deficient before the collapse.

 USA Today reports that two more people have been arrested by Scotland Yard in the investigation of the hacking death of a British Soldier this week. A man and a woman were arrested on conspiracy to commit murder. The two assailants hit the soldier with their car and then attacked him with knives and meat cleavers. The assailants were shot and arrested by police in what has been classified as a terror attack. The Associated Press reports that both assailants had been part of an earlier investigation. Reuters reports that there will be an investigation into whether British Security Services could have done more to prevent the attack.



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