Morning Security Brief: NYPD Crime Statistics, US Airways Security Scare a Hoax, New U.S. Torture Accusations

By Carlton Purvis

►A review of NYPD crime stats found that 89 percent of shooting victims in the city were black and Hispanic. Eighty-six percent of murder suspects were black or Hispanic. “[NYPD Commissioner] Kelly in recent months has repeatedly said minority-group leaders and civil liberties advocates complain about stop-and-frisk tactics but do nothing to help combat crime in minority neighborhoods,” The New York Daily News reports. Read more about the NYPD report, “Crime Enforcement Activity in New York City” here.

►Thursday’s security scare on a US Airways flight headed to Texas was “a hoax, apparently performed because Thursday" was a passenger's birthday, authorities say. Someone called the Philadelphia police claiming the man was trying to smuggle something causing the flight to head back to the airport after taking off. “The cost of the hoax will cost US Airways ‘upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs,’ the airline said. Sixty-nine passengers were on the Airbus A319, and were being rebooked on other flights,” NBC reports. When the man finally did arrive in Texas Thursday evening he was arrested by police on other warrants.

►The U.S. says it has only used waterboarding on three prisoners, but a group of 14 Libyan dissidents has come out contradicting those claims saying that they were waterboarded at a CIA black site in Afghanistan. The men were interviewed by Human Rights Watch. Five of them say they were "held in windowless cells, beaten, chained in stress positions, deprived of food and kept awake for lengthy periods by rock music played at ear-splitting volumes,” The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports. A new Human Rights Watch report, “Delivered Into Enemy Hands,” says Libyan men, former Islamist fighters, were detained and tortured by the U.S. before being delivered to Gaddafi.

►In other news, police in France are investigating a mass shooting in the Alps that left three family members and a passing cyclist dead in the road. Two girls survived the shooting, one of which had been shot in the head three times. ♦ Symantec shows how watering hole attacks work. ♦ And UAVs are being put to use to mapping underground faults.



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